The History of Charley Biggs

Once upon a time, up in the state of Maine, an All-American, handsome lad named Charley Biggs decided it was time to take his culinary skills to task. In fact, he got so serious, he opened his own small-town restaurant in 1987. Charley, being the one-track minded yet over-the-top individual that he is, always made sure that he used fresh, quality ingredients on everything he served, one meal at a time. Well, the word spread and before you could say Yumm Baby! Charley started making his fresh chicken tenders and All Natural sauces available across the continental USA.

By the way, in case you're wonderin' about that pretty monogrammed chef gear Charley's wearin', let's be honest, Charley isn't from France and he never went to one of those fancy-schmancy culinary institutions. He just plain grew up eatin' and learnin' from the best cook the Northern U.S. has ever known, his mama.

The Charley Biggs Food Company offers all natural barbecue grilling and dipping sauces in unique flavors including Apple, Bourbon,
and Hot Pepper. Our gluten-free, all-natural BBQ sauces are truly the world's greatest; one taste and you'll know why.